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May 26 2016


Biography of Kamal

With all the heart and passion of these born in Venezuela plus an exotic roots from the Middle East who have marked its essence, Kamal came to the world a February 6 in Zulia state. Of Lebanese parents, he knew as a kid the influence of both culture and early on showed interest in the musical world. From a young age he began to emphasize his voice like a lyric tenor of school coral, whilst in parallel, with only 8 years, started to show their adoration for the composition, which occupied his free time.
Completed his senior high school, travels to Lebanon to start college, majoring as a biologist at the American University of Beirut (AUB), to later return to Venezuela where he made a specialization inside the Venezuelan Institute for Research (IVIC). In the midst of his studies he retakes which can be his true passion: music. For it began studies of theory, music theory, keyboard and staged with teachers Formental Felix and Tony Paez, activity that alternated with modeling, obtaining participation in TV commercials.
After many years of hard work and arduous preparation, Kamal presented the Venezuelan public its first single of his own TE GIFT The entire world
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Follow him on Snapchat / Twitter / Instagram: @KamalMusica
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